We thought it would be great to give you a peek into our new 4,000 sf office, and 30,000 sf warehouse. This will enable us to maintain larger inventories and to increase our selection.

The remodeling is still a work in progress. Our first and most important goal was to make sure our customers weren’t affected with our move. We did our best to make sure orders were processed in a timely and accurate fashion.

We’d like to thank our customers for their cooperation, patience and interest. We apologize for any inconvenience they may have experienced.

We will continue forward and keep you updated with our remodeling progress.

My home is my sanctuary.  Never has this been truer. Today we are constantly bombarded about devastating turmoil around the world through 24/7 news cycles.  Droughts, famine, wars, austerity imposed due to a poor economy, unemployment, all creating a broad sense of malaise. The news doesn’t report enough of the positives. It’s not all bad news. In the US, families are cooking more often and eating together at home to save money.  Friends are gathering to socialize at each other’s homes, rather then at clubs or restaurants.  At the end off the day I take refuge in my home.

Over the past 14 years, I’ve designed my home in ways that embrace me.  Terracotta floors in my kitchen, tumbled eggplant slate on my bathroom floor, and tumbled Rosso Verona marble accents a lovely Italian porcelain tile in another bathroom.  It’s a form of nurturing for my family, my friends and myself.

 Begin to invest in your home, but design it for you. Find a look that fits you and your family. Using natural stone tiles throughout your home creates a soothing atmosphere, and works with any style design. This website will help you to form ideas. We can help with the rest.

 Selling your home may not be an option in the near future, so forget ‘resale value’ and enjoy your surroundings. Make your home an extension of you.  You’re adding value to your home, and creating your own sanctuary.

As of August 1, 2011, Elon will officially be in a New Bigger and Better warehouse/headquarters.  It’s three times the size, allowing for more inventory for you.

New Address:

22 Taylor Avenue

Bethel, CT 06801

Phone Number — 203 628-7179

Customer Service Phone Number — 203 616-5884

Accounts Receivable Fax Number — 203 616-5803



Our Mount Kisco, New York retail showroom will remain and continue to service Mount Kisco and the surrounding area.

Summer 2011 hours (July and August): Tuesday through Saturday 9-5

Regular business hours Monday through Saturday 9-5



What is it about Porcelain tile?

Porcelain tile, in the past, was synonymous with mostly commercial floors, and not necessarily the best looking tiles.  That has definitely changed, but not it’s durability.

When shopping for tiles, consider porcelain for many reasons.  Today, with the option of Glazed Porcelain tiles, manufacturers can create practically any look they want onto the porcelain body.  Much like a tableau, and boy have they come up with some beautiful results?  Many imitate natural stones, hardwoods, metals, fabrics, and wallpapers.


Glazed porcelain tiles, like our ‘Go Green’ series, are offered in a large variety of sizes and shapes, suitable for floors and walls in any room in your home.  They provide stain resistance, durability, easy cleaning, and don’t require sealing or maintenance.

Visit our ‘Go Green’ series for the range of colors, textures and sizes.


When you consider what materials you’ll use when designing a bathroom, kitchen, or any floor area, it’s not just about the color or a certain look today.  More and more people are trying to be more earth friendly.  They’re going ‘Green’.  Natural stones have become the choice in most homes today when tiling, but did you know it’s not just the beautiful choice. According to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Home Guide, “One of the strongest positives is that stone, tile, and grout (once it has cured) release few, if any, VOC’s or other problematic air emissions. People with serious allergies or other chronic respiratory ailments often tolerate these materials better than other finish materials. In addition, stone and tile can be thoroughly cleaned and sealed, reducing the potential for build-up of molds, dust mites, and other allergy-causing agents.”


Natural stones developed around the world over millions of years.  Their durability is superior to other materials.  Once installed, because of their durability, you’ve reduced the need to replace them over time, and will benefit from their timeless beauty


So on your path to a more environment friendly, and healthy lifestyle, go ‘Green’ with Elon’s natural stone tiles.

Too often, consumers walk into a Tile Showroom, are shown a small display, or small concept/design board, and are sold a natural stone tile for their bathroom, kitchen, or foyer. They may or may not have any knowledge of natural stones, such as marbles, limestone’s, travertine’s, slates, quartzites, onyx and the list goes on.   Therefore, you need to educate yourselves.  Know what to expect.

Variation( Webster’s definition: the extent to which or the range in which a thing varies.)

No two pieces are alike.  That pretty display you fell in love with in the Tile Store, is probably not going to be exactly what you get. The colors and veining will vary, and the texture and edges may also vary. Today, we import from so many countries, so many suppliers within these countries, and with these suppliers, so many quarries. According to Britannica: quarry, place where dimension stone or aggregate (sand, gravel, crushed rock) is mined.  The products of dimension stone quarries are prismatic blocks of rock such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, and slate).  When making your selection, consider the overall look the stone brings to the space. Stand back. Love the unique nuances the stone possesses.  Remember this when you begin to inspect your order before installation.

This brings me to my next point: the contractor.  Hire an expert.  Your contractor should have specific experience with stone installations. Open and inspect each box. An experienced contractor will select material from different boxes and different pallets. He will also lie out the material from different boxes and different pallets in order to blend the color and veining to your liking.  Remember also there is a waste factor (usually 10-20% over the amount needed). Typically these pieces are factored in for breakage and or used for cuts. Review all of this with your contractor. Your participation will better ensure that you’re pleased with the end result.

Lastly, it’s important to know whether the stone you’ve purchased is gauged.  Stones such as slate, may not be gauged. Your contractor needs this information, since if the material is not gauged, he’ll need to do a little extra to level the application. They’ll need to find the thickest pieces and make sure the rest meet up, so as not to cause lippage.  According to the TCNA (Tile Council of North America): the variation in the height of adjoining tiles is called Lippage.

The more you know, the better the end result.

March 7, 2011

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that at times one day falls into the next and the next.  You lose your visual and tactile senses, but then there’s ‘Coverings’. The annual trades show for the leaders in the Tile and Stone industry.

‘Coverings’ is my Uffizi of tile.  It allows for the rejuvenation of ideas. It inspires you to inspire your employees, who in turn inspire their customers. ‘Coverings’ reminds us that we are a part of something grand.  It gives us a sense of importance and allows us to create new alliances, relationships, and to strengthen the ones we already have.

This year, our Booth is # 3716 and will be hosted by my colleagues Michael Lennon and Richard Caron.  Our leader Ken Rossomando will be there as well, but I’d make an appointment if you’d like to meet with him, since he’ll be making his rounds looking for new items to inspire him.

NEW!  This year we are featuring Durango Limestone Polished in 4”x4”,6”x6”,3”x6”,12”x12”,16”x16”,1”x1” mosaic, Multi width mosaic, a 2’x12” ogee/chair rail and a 5/8”x12” bar molding(bullnose).

Click to enlarge

The above boards are a great way to showcase all of our moldings.